About us

Who we are

Dog and cat enthusiasts who are familiar with animal business. Our many years of experience in the industry has made animal business extremely close to us. But since the quadrupeds appeared in our home, we began to meet him from a completely different angle. We refer to ourselves as "modern" dog and cat lovers for whom the animal plays an important role in their daily lives. We value interesting style and exceptional quality. And as we all know, finding pet products in pet stores that combine these two characteristics is rare. Pet stores are full of identical, clichéd solutions that sometimes have nothing to do with good quality.

And here, to our surprise, searching the internet, we noticed how many domestic companies operate in this business and how many interesting and designer products they have to offer. However, reaching them is a real challenge and here we set a goal to make it easier for the client to reach them.

That is why we decided to create an online space where we combined these companies under one roof to make it easier for customers to shop.

How it's working

Everything you see or buy at www.petzwelcome.com comes directly from the company that designs / produces them. We simply combine these companies under one roof to make shopping easier for you (customers).

Regardless of whether the products you buy come from one or several designers, you can pay for them at one time.

Thanks to Petzwelcome you can find products from the best Polish designers / producers creating with passion!