Red dog bow tie

Red Dog Bow Tie - Stylish Accessory for Your Pet!

If you are looking for a red dog bow tie, you have come to the right place. In our category of red bow ties for dogs, you will find unique accessories for your four-legged friend that will add elegance and style to any situation.

Do you want to emphasize the individuality and character of your pet? You can do this by purchasing a dog bow tie in an intense red color. Red symbolizes self-confidence and energy, thanks to which your dog will attract attention and stand out from the crowd.

How to choose the perfect red bow tie for a dog?

In our store you will find bow ties made of high-quality materials, such as cotton, velvet or velvet. A wide selection of styles and patterns will allow you to find a bow tie that will perfectly emphasize the character and appearance of your dog. All dog bow ties available from us are adjustable, thanks to which they perfectly fit the dog's figure. Additionally, the leash hook makes the red dog bow tie not only a fashionable accessory but also a practical solution that can replace a collar.

See for yourself what an impression a red dog bow tie can make - check out our offer!

Red dog bow tie

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  • Bow tie for dog red

    Price zł64.00

    Hand made extremely elegant and stylish bow tie for a dog. Made of soft red velvet material. Each bow tie has a collar with adjustable length as well as a leash hook.

    Available in 5 sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL.

    Each bow tie is equipped with a comfortable plastic fastener.

  • Polka-dot bow tie for a dog...

    Price zł65.00

    An extremely stylish collar with a bow tie will make your pet stand out from the crowd. A perfect accessory not only for a walk but also for special occasions such as holidays or birthdays.

    The bow tie is made of high-quality cotton and fastens with a plastic buckle. It has the ability to adjust the Shiita waist to easily fit your pet. The bow tie has a sewn-in leash hook, making it not only a gadget, but also a practical solution for walks with your pet.

    Available sizes:

    S – 21 – 26cm

    M – 26 – 31cm

    L – 31 – 36cm

    XL – 36 – 41cm

    XXL – 41 – 51cm

  • Luxury red collar bow tie...

    Price zł65.00

    Luxury velvet bow tie for a dog or cat will make your pet feel special in this one.

    The bow tie has the ability to adjust the circumference of the neck, so you can easily adjust it to your pet. This stylish bow tie is fastened with a plastic buckle, additionally it has a leash attachment, which makes the bow tie not only a decoration, but also a practical solution for elegant outings with your pet.

    Available sizes:

    S: 21 - 26cm

    M: 26 - 31cm

    L: 31 - 36cm

    XL: 36 - 41cm

    XXL: 41 - 51cm