Scratchers for cat

Scratchers for cat

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  • Cat scratcher Bellycat

    Price PLN199.00

    Cat scratcher  Belly cat made of corrugated board and plywood.

    It is characterized by remarkable durability and careful workmanship.

    Scratching post designed for hanging on the wall, on a string or 2 pegs. Everything you need to mount it is included.


    Width - 29 cm

    Height -14 cm

    Length - 90 cm

  • Cat shelf moustache

    Price PLN329.00

    Cat shelf in the shape of moustache, made of high quality corrugated cardboard, front secured with natural color plywood. The mustache also serves as a cat tree. Invisible wall mounting arm - wall plugs included.

  • Scratching post Mustache

    Price PLN329.00

    Scratching post in the shape of a mustache with an additional function of the bed.

    Made of high quality corrugated cardboard and protected with plywood to increase its strength.

    100% ECO


    73 cm wide

    A height of 22 cm

    30 cm deep

  • Colour Paperdog scratcher

    Price PLN389.00

    Dog - cat scratcher.

    Made of the highest quality corrugated cardboard, very strong, with a high grammage. The sides are secured with HDF board, the dog is heavy and stable. One side of the scratcher has a colored panel, the other side is natural - brown.

    Width 73 cm

    Height 59 cm

    Depth 28 cm

  • Drapak tekturowy Paperdog

    Price PLN389.00

    Drapak dla kota w kształcie psa. 

    Wykonany z najwyższej jakości tektury falistej, bardzo mocnej, o wysokiej gramaturze.

    Boki dodatkowo zabezpieczone płytą HDF, co sprawia, że drapak jest wyjątkowo stabilny. 


    szerokość 73 cm

    wysokość 59 cm

    głębokość 28 cm