Dog training - why it's worth to train your dog

 Dog training - why it's worth to train your dog

Training a dog requires not only a lot of commitment but also patience from the owner. It is important to approach the topic of learning to behave properly with the right attitude. Also remember that learning must take place in conditions that are comfortable for both you and your pet.

When to start working with a dog?

We should start training as early as possible. Puppies have the ability to learn quickly early in their lives.

Even when left to themselves, they constantly learn the world in which they live. It is up to the owner of the dog to shape this, still absorbing puppy personality.

So there is no need to wait until the age of six months or even a year to start learning. Waiting so long, we lose the ability to polish "dog diamonds".

Training older dogs

Older dogs can also be taught new behaviors. It is important that, before starting work with the pooch, a work plan individually tailored to the possibilities and preferences of the dog. So make sure you work wisely with your older dog. Always keeping in mind his individual needs and possibilities.

Benefits for a dog from working with its owner

First of all, during training, the dog has contact with its human being. He can improve his skills. Perfect dog communication techniques, which means that he does not feel stressed when dealing with dogs. She secures her needs and is having a good time :).

Training the dog individually or under the supervision of a behaviorist

The awareness of early work with a dog is growing among the owners of quadrupeds and it's good, because thanks to this we have better positioned dogs. However, it is not always possible to train a dog at home on its own, despite their young age. In such cases, it is worth using the cooperation with an experienced trainer, behaviorist, who is able to observe inappropriate behaviors at the right time and undertake rehabilitation work in time, e.g. defending resources, nibbling, running away, eating various rubbish while walking, etc. The more "unnoticeable" mistakes are made, the harder it will be to work with him in the future.

So don't hesitate, start working with your dog today!

The author of the text: Katarzyna Bargiełowska, the founder of the 4Łapy Academy - a school, hotel, club for dogs.

Behaviorist, dog trainer, physiotherapist.

Author of the photo: Elena Mozhvilo, Unsplush

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