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Bow Ties

Are you preparing for an important celebration and want your four-legged friend to look special this day? An elegant bow tie for a dog will be perfect in such a situation.

This small addition will diametrically change the style of your fur and will make you surely be noticed.

The collection of dog flies for special occasions available on our site was made by hand in Poland, high quality velvet was used to produce them. In addition, each fly is equipped with a collar with adjustable width, thanks to which you can attach the dog to your favorite leash when the need arises.

So if you need a dog bow tie for a wedding or a dog bow tie for holidays at, you'll definitely find the perfect accessory that will give your pet style and class.

Bow Ties

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  • Color: Grey
  • Bow tie for dog grey

    Price PLN59.00

    Hand made extremely elegant and stylish bow tie for a dog. Made of soft grey velvet material. Each bow tie has a collar with adjustable length as well as a leash hook.

    Available in 5 sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL.

    Each bow tie is equipped with a comfortable plastic fastener.

    The waiting time for the collar to be made is about 5 working days